Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Family Pics...What a workout!!

My sweet friend Nan Galica came into town for a short time and was kind enough to tackle family pictures with a 4 year old and and 20 month old!  Let's just say its not for the faint of heart!  They turned out better than I could have hoped for!!  She took Charli's 1st birthday party pics back in June and you can see those here:  She did a fabulous job but I just wish she would move back!!

Love her so much eventhough she is a HUGE stinker!!

 My handsome lil monkey!

 My little boy is getting so BIG!!
Being Silly!  The kids loved this one!

Love my family!!  Feel so blessed when I look at this!

My lil beauty!

LOTS of kissing going on at this photoshoot!!

Who wants ice cream?!  MEEEEE!!!!!!

This is probably the longest blog in history with the most pictures ever posted but its my blog and I can post em if I want to!!  Thank you so much Nan!!!

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  1. You are so very welcome. I'm so blessed to have you for a friend. xoxo