Sunday, March 18, 2012


Thursday afternoon we headed out for Granbury, TX to see Nanny and Bear and make a trip to the Ft. Worth Zoo!  Gunner was so excited and had been talking non-stop for a week about going!  Once we got there, Gunner never stopped but Charli was a little more weary of all those animals! 

She was holding onto daddy pretty tight!

We thought he looked a lot like daddy!
The weather was a perfect 84 degrees! 

Charli warmed up to the whole Zoo idea after a while!

Gunner was tall enough to ride the merry-go-round by himself

Charli was once again scared to ride the horses so as you can tell I held her BY the horse the entire time!

Petting the goats

This was my favortie animal by far!  It was so beautiful it almost didn't look real!!

Charli LOVES giraffes so we looked and looked for them!

This was Charli once we found the giraffes!!

Gunner was fascinated with the turtles.  He thought they were "real" ninja turtles!

Overall the ZOO was a success!  Made great memories!! 

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