Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday's Thirteen Things I'm Thankful For!!

#1- My husband coming home today!! He has been gone for 3 days!

#2- My new house cleaner that comes on Thursdays! She is a GOD-send!!!

#3- Lake time with the Family!!

#4- Good Neighbors! Thank you Bynums for checking on our pups when we are gone!!

#5- Arbonne!! I know I say it all the time BUT I love it!! I am so blessed! I just made Area Manager and now I am going for the Mercedes by Christmas!!

#6- Thursday morning Breakfast Club at McDonalds! Thanks for including me girls!! I need to get out of the house!!

#7- Cleaning up Gunner time after time!! I love my precious baby!!

#8- Unwind Bath Salts and Massage Oil to soak in after a long day!!

#9- Clean Sheets warm from the dryer- This is one of my very favorite things in life!!

#10- Red burritos with extra cheese and extra red sauce from Taco Villa!! My husband brought me one on his way through Lubbock today!

#11- NOT COOKING!! See #10 for explanation!!

#12- Candles to make my house smell clean even when it's not!! This is my favorite candle of ALL TIME!! It is an Arbonne candle that only comes out with the Holiday line in September! I have to stock up to last me all year!!

#13- Sweet Surprises!! Thanks Sarah, Julie, and Jaci for the B-Day Presents! You are all so sweet!!!