Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Introducing Charli Brooke...

She is finally here!! After a very long month of hospital stays and bedrest, our precious little princess has arrived!

Charli Brooke Raley was born on June 20th at 1:51 p.m. at Covenant Women's and Children Hospital in Lubbock, TX. She is absolutely beautiful and we can't figure out just who she looks like! What do you think?

Charli weighed 7 pounds and 3 ounces! She was much smaller than we anticipated and MUCH smaller than her big brother was!! She has dark brown hair and blue eyes that are just beautiful (when she opens them)!! We are enjoying loving on her and adjusting to our little family of FOUR!! We are so blessed and thank God daily for a healthy baby girl!

Here is a picture diary of our journey to Charli:

Eric and I on the way to the hospital!

Gunner and Pawpaw waiting on Charli

Dr McSteamy!!

First time to see and kiss our baby girl and then I was off to recovery!

My first chance to get to hold Charli! It seemed like it took forever!!

Daddy and his little Red Raider!

Family of Four! I look horrible I know but I DID just have surgery so try to overlook that part!

Our little princess!

Time to feed again! I'll try to keep updating pics in between all the holding, kissing, and snuggling!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What a Weekend!!!

We had a VERY busy but fun Memorial Day weekend! Eric left early Friday morning for Hubbard to watch his little sister graduate from Hubbard High School. She was the salutatorian and we are so proud of her!! She is coming to Texas Tech next year so we are so excited to have her in Lubbock with us!!

Eric and the Future Red Raider!!

Grace's Senior Pics! She is so beautiful! Watch out Lubbock boys!

I didn't get to travel since I'm only a few weeks away from having our baby girl, so Gunner and I had a mommy and me weekend! It was lots of fun but we BOTH were exhausted by the time daddy got home!

We started our weekend by going to see Shrek Forever After! It was Gunner's first time to go to the movies and it was so fun to experience it through his eyes! When we got to the movies he was running around checking out everything! and that was just in the lobby! We went with one of my best friends and her 3 kids. Gunner ate the following: an entire box of sour patch kids, half of my Milk Duds, a junior popcorn, half of Shanna's Reece's Pieces, and a Sprite! That took him about an hour to eat and then he was done with the movies! We had to leave after that because he wanted to go up and down the stairs during the movie! He loved it though and it was totally worth it!


Friday night we went to my friend Shanna and Wade's house and cooked out hotdogs and the kids played in the sprinkler! They roasted marshmallows, which Gunner didn't like! That was a surprise! Shanna and I have known each other since we were born so it's so special that our kids get to grow up together and be friends too!!

This is Shanna's youngest, Hayden. He is 3 and Gunner loves to follow him around like a little puppy!

Saturday morning Gunner and I had another playdate with my friend Julie's little boy, Garrett! They had a blast playing on Garrett's new swing set and pool! They play good together! Garrett is only 6 weeks older than Gunner so they will grow up going to school together and being great friends!

Gunner loved Garrett's playscape! Hint Hint Pawpaw and Yaya!!

Best of Friends!

Sweet Garrett! He's a mini me of his daddy!

After nap on Saturday Gunner and I went to Levelland for another cookout! This time it was with my cousin Jason and his wife Denise. We don't get to hang out with them very often so it was fun to just relax and catch up! Braxton has an awesome backyard to play in! His Poppy and Gigi bought him a playscape for his 3rd b-day! Once again hint hint Pawpaw!!

Braxton- 3 years old (almost)! Man this kid can hit a baseball!

Braxton and Gunner chillin!

Eric got home Saturday evening and boy were we glad to see him!

Sunday afternoon Eric's brother's family came over to play in the backyard and cookout AGAIN!! Gunner loves to play with his cousins Alec and Rylan Belle! Gunner thinks Alec is pretty COOL!!

They played in the pool and made water balloons!

Monday Pawpaw and YaYa got home from the lake and were ready to see Gunner so yep you guessed it... another cookout!! We definitely started summer off with a bang this year but it was lots of fun!

I'm going to bed now! We get to have our last 4D sonogram of our sweet baby in the morning so I have to get my rest! Less than 3 weeks and I will get to hold my precious baby girl! Can't wait!