Saturday, March 3, 2012

Christmas in a Playroom...

This year my parents were living in an apartment because they were building a house so Eric and I hosted our 1st Christmas EVER!!  It was a lot of work getting our house ready for such a big event but it turned out great!! (That is not saying I want to do that EVERY year though!)  We attended Christmas Eve service at ELife where my brother and his new wife attend church.  It was so awesome!  We were lucky to get to spend this Christmas with my Nanny and Larry!  It was a special treat!

Here is my dad (aka POP) and Miss Charli
 Charli enjoying her Christmas dinner

I even got to use my fine china for the 1st time!!  

My beautiful Nanny!!

Charli with all her "babies".  She is gonna be a busy momma!!

Gunner a little blurry!  I got a new camera and still havent figured it completely out! 

and of course they had to take a ride in their new jeep on Christmas day!

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