Saturday, June 16, 2012

Chicka Chicka BOOM BOOM...Charli Brooke turned 2!!!!

Our sweet little Charli is turning 2 on the 20th so we celebrated BIG Chicka Chicka Boom Boom style!!  If you don't know what that means, the party was inspired by this book:

Uncle Tim and Aunt Lauren gave Gunner this book on his first bday and it has been a favorite with both of the kids!!

We had lots of special guests to help us celebrate!!

The cake was made by the wonderfully talented
Jan Gresham!  It was absolutely gorgeous! 
Almost too beautiful! 
 None of the moms wanted to cut into it! 
Glad we did though because it was
simply delicious!!

The cupcake pinata was a hit although Charli
didn't care for it much!

The boys all took a hit but in the end it took a girl
to break it open!! Way to go Bryce Wicks!!

The rest are pics of the decor and fun!!  We love and appreciate
everyone that helped us celebrate Charli turnng 2!!

I cannot take all the credit for this adorable decor because well I don't
have a crafty bone in me!  Special thanks to Paige Thomas for
being so creative and sharing her craftiness with me!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!  We love you and thank God daily he
chose us to be your parents!!

Extra Special Thanks to Pop and YaYa
for working so hard to make Charli's
day special!!  You are both the BEST!!


We started summer off with a bang!!  Gunner went to his first Vacation Bible School and loved it!  I always loved going to VBS as a child and I'm so glad he was old enough to start going! 

At the end of the week, they had a little program to show all the parents what they had learned!  Of course Charli didn't care about watching her brother on stage! 

They had over 1200 kids attend VBS this year!  Amazing!!

Gunner and Garrett looking cool in their VBS shirts!!

We will be spending most of our summer in my parent's backyard!!

Charli was scared to death of the water at first but it only took a few exposures and now she is swimming like a fish!!

Everyone have a FUN SUMMER!!!!

We FULLY intend to!!

MAY Performances!!

We love our school that the kids go to on Tuesday and Thursdays!  The kids love their teachers and they have learned so much this year!  They go to Calvary Baptist PDO and it is awesome!!  Mommy especially appreciates all that the teachers that love on Gunner and Charli while she takes a little break! 

Here is Charli hunting Easter eggs with her class at school!

Gunner and Charli after school and Easter parties!

This was before Gunner's End of School Program!  It was so cute to watch them all sing praises to God! 

This one is kinda blurry but it cracks me up because they all are concentrating so hard!  Gunner sang really LOUD and we could here him above all the other kids!  He also would find us in the audience and give us a thumbs up!

Gunner thinks his big cousin Alec is pretty COOL!!

May also brought the end of tumbling for Gunner and his friend Garrett.  They have been taking tumbling together at Ready Set Go since they were 2! 

They learn trampoline....

Miss thing wants to join them so bad!  She gets to start her own class in August! btw if your wondering why her hair looks greasy its bc she got into a jar of vaseline right before tumbling!  I promise we bathe and wash her hair!

They cart-wheel...which Gunner loves to practice at home! 

They have LOTS of fun!!

They had the Olympics on the last day! 

We finished up the school year and are looking forward to pre-school 4s and 2s next year!! 

 Sorry I didn't realize all my pics were so blurry:(