Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Daddy's Day Eric!!

I think that I have married the BEST daddy there could ever be for my kids!!  I don't always say it enough but I couldn't have done better!!  Thank you for loving us and taking such good care of us all the time!!

Here are some of my favorite pics of Eric being a daddy!

First time to see Gunner!  Love the look on his face!

Everyday when Eric gets home from work, Gunner wants to go for a "ride" and Eric always takes him!  Even in the 100 degree weather!

Eric's 1st Father's day-  June 2008

1st picture with his princess!!  He even wore pink for her that day!

Proud daddy!

On this day I told Eric to come to Gunner's pre-school Christmas party eventhough he was the only dad there!  He didn't care though!  Such a good sport!

Happy Father's Day!  We love you!! 

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