Monday, September 20, 2010

Our Princess is 3 months!!

Charli Brooke you are 3 months old today!  The past 3 months have been so sweet and we have loved every minute of it!


Here is what you are up to:

You are wearing size 3-6 month clothing.

You wear a size 1 diaper!

You are sleeping 10 hours at night now!  This is a bittersweet moment for mommy!  I love my sleep but I sure do miss my cuddle bug at that 2 am feeding!  You can feel free to wake up on occasion if you are wanting to be rocked, just don't make it a habit:-) 

You have start laughing out loud and you smile at everyone who talks to you!  You have turned into such a happy little girl! 

You love your bouncy seat and your binky!  You also LOVE to be held most of the time!  We don't mind though because we love to look at your big blue eyes and big smile! 

I have been asked many times if your eyelashes are fake because they are soooo long!  Really people??!!  Fake lashes on a 3 month old! 

This past weekend you and I made a trip to Fort Worth to attend Josh and Jessica's wedding!  You were the perfect angel in the car and didn't make a peep the entire way!  This is quite an improvement considering the first 2 months of your life you screamed to the top of your lungs everytime you were in the car! 

Here are some recent pics of Charli Brooke!  She is such a blessing and I can't quit kissing those fat little cheeks!

My Nanny and Charli at the wedding!

Grannie Collier (Charli's great-great grandma)

YaYa and Charli

Here is Charli with her second cousin Braxton.  He looked so cute in his tux!!

We love you Charli and can't wait to see what the next month will bring!!

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  1. What a BEAUTY!! Are those fake lashes?! ;) hehe She is a perfect little gift, Brooke!