Saturday, August 14, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame.....

This weekend we made a VERY quick trip to Arlington to take Gunner to his first Major League Baseball game!! He loved every minute of it despite the 110 degree weather! I'm not joking it was so hot that our shirts were wet by the time the game started!

Before we left home we searched and searched for Gunner's baseball glove and realized that it probably got stolen from our front yard. Oops! As soon as we got to the Ranger staduim, Gunner started asking for his ball and glove! I really think that he thought we were going there to PLAY baseball instead of WATCH a baseball game. We got him all fixed up with a Hamilton jersey, Ranger hat, and of course a new glove and ball! I think he was the cutest Ranger fan there but then again I'm a little biased!

Gunner loved the area where the little kids could use their tokens to hit the ball! We stayed there for quite a while before the game started! I think that is going to be a heck of a baseball player! That just thrills his daddy and Pawpaw to death!

This was our view from our seats! Eric was not too happy about the seats I got but that is what he gets for marrying someone who is cheap! I think that little dot down there is Hamilton?!?! Hey its all about the experience right?

Gunner watched the game intensely and held his glove up in the air most of the game. Yes we told him that he might could catch a ball eventhough there was no way they were coming up that high!

We had a blast and loved being able to give Gunner some one on one attention! He was pooped by the time we left and was asleep before we even got to the hotel! We were ready to come home and see our baby girl though! Thanks Pawpaw and Yaya for watching Charli for us!

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