Sunday, May 16, 2010

WOW!! It's been a loooong time!!

I didn't realize that it had been so long since I have blogged! Time flies when you are having fun! So much has changed since my last post that I don't know where to begin!! So I'll start with our most exciting part....Our baby girl will be here in about a month!! We are so excited to meet her and I am so READY to not be pregnant! Yes we do have a name picked out (as of now but still can change) BUT we are not sharing with the world YET!! Here are a few pics of our baby girl!

She is going to be a big girl just like her brother! My original due date was June 26th but she is already bigger than Gunner was at this point! Dr. Kileen wants to induce her early so that we don't run into any trouble getting her out! Gunner was a little difficult!! Please pray that we will have a safe and easy delivery!!

We also have moved! Back to Lubbock and back to our family! We were very excited and sad at the same time to be offered the opportunity to move back to Lubbock. We enjoyed Snyder for the year that we lived there and met some great lifelong friends. We were however anxious to get back "home" and be closer to both sides of our family! We are all moved in and unpacked (except for the nursery! WAY BEHIND on that)!! We love our "new" house. We bought an older home that had been remodeled somewhat and it feels very homey to us! We also have lots of growing room for more babies! I'll post more pics of the house soon! I have to find my camera charger first!

Gunner is growing up so fast! He is very excited to become a BIG brother! He talks about the baby all the time. Actually is talks ALL THE TIME about anything! It makes me proud and sad at the same time. My baby is no longer a "baby" and it breaks my heart! Some of his favorite things right now are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, riding his tractor, and going to Chick-fil-A! He wants to eat Chick-fil-A EVERY meal!! He says it so cute that it's hard to always resist! Here are some pics from his Easter pics:

Gunner is ALL boy to say the least and is ALWAYS dirty! I guess that is just part of having a boy! I wouldn't have it any other way! He wants to be outside riding his tractor at every possible moment. Oh and he has figured out Gear 2 and now 1st gear is no longer an option! Watch out because he will just run you over if you are in his way!!

Well I'll stop for now so that this doesn't turn into the longest blog in history!

I'll try to keep this thing updated more BUT I'm not making any promises:)

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  1. Gunner is adorable. We have yet to meet, but my husband Adam works for Nalco with Eric but only we live in California. I have a boy, Mason that will be 3 in July and our daughter Taylor is 14 months. Hopefully one day I will properly get to introduce myself.