Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ROUTE 66!!!!!

I was very blessed recently in my Arbonne business with 3 awesome new District Managers! As a result of their hard work (and mine!) I was able to attend a weekend getaway at Cecilia Stoll's house in Edmond, Okalahoma! If you don't know who Cecilia is she is my Arbonne HERO!!! I want to be like her when I grow up! This weekend was just what I needed to refocus myself to my business and get ready to GO TO THE TOP!!!

Dwayna and I on the way to Cecilia's House for the Mexican Fiesta!

Here is a picture with our NVP Kay Draelos! She is so beautiful and so wonderful! I would not have made it to Oklahoma without her support! She is the pretty blonde on the end! The others are the CRAZY Canadians on our team! They are tons of FUN!

Arbonne is known for giving away Tiffany's merchandise! Here is my FIRST of many Tiffany boxes to come!

Regional Vice President, Dwayna Bailey, Me, National Vice President, Kay Draelos

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