Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lake Trip to Granbury!!

The lake trip was a lot of fun but VERY HOTTTT!!!! We all came back with a little sun make that ALOT of sun! Gunner enjoyed the lake this time much better than Memorial Day! He actually got in the water at Sandy Beach and was loving it! He would try to put his face under water and was not scared at all! Can't say the same for his daddy and I! He loved to "drive" the boat and honk the horn! We kept a rope tied on his lifejacket so he wouldn't walk off the dock!

We got to see some of our good friends Chris and Lauren Scott from Arlington on Friday before they were off to Cabo for the week! Lauren is as beautiful as ever and Chris is as sarcastic as ever! Eric loves to hang out with Chris and they act like college kids again everytime they see each other! On Saturday, Uncle Randy and Aunt Shellie came down for the day! It was fun to see everyone! We love the lake and wish that we could go more often!

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